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Bill To Law Vocabulary Activity

This assignment utilized the textbook combined with a presentation of key concepts of how a bill becomes a low. I also showed my students School House Rock's I'm Just a Bill the link is HERE

U.S. Government
Valley High School, E.U.H.S.D.
2013 Tri 3/ Term 3
Instructor: Mr. Atwood, M.Ed. Student Teacher.
Valley High School, E.U.H.S.D.
Academic Vocabulary: How a Bill becomes a Law.
_______________ A bill that deals with an individual person or place

_______________ A bill dealing with general matters and applies to the whole nation.

_______________ A statement adopted to cover matters in only one house of   Congress.

______________ When a committee ignores a bill, and lets it die.

_______________ When a bill is changed in committee.

_______________ When a committee votes to kill or report a bill.

_______________ When members of congress call out “Aye” or “No” while voting.
_______________ When members of congress stand or sit while voting.

_______________ When members of congress are called by name and must say “Aye” or “No”.

_______________ When members of congress vote electronically.

_______________ When a bill passes one house but not the other this committee is formed.

_____________ _An added piece of legislation to a bill that has little to do with the original bill itself.

_____________ _A session at which a committee listens to testimony from people interested in a bill being considered.

_____________ A rejection of a bill by the president.

_____________ A president’s strategy of refusing to sign a bill the last 10 days congress is in session.

______________  When the president rejects specific parts of a bill, without vetoing the entire bill.

Word Bank:
Private bill (Pg. 181) – Public Bill (Pg. 181) – Simple Resolution (Pg. 182) – Rider (Pg. 182) – Pigeon Holing (Pg. 184) - Reporting a bill (Pg. 186) – Committee Hearing (Pg. 184) – Mark Up Session (Pg. 184) – Roll-Call Vote (Pg. 187) – Veto (Pg. 187) – Conference Committee (Pg. 187) – Voice Vote (Pg187) – Recorded Vote (Pg. 187) – Pocket Veto (Pg. 187) - Line Item Veto (Pg. 187-188) – Standing Vote (187).

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