Monday, November 5, 2012

EDSS 521 21st Century Literacy.

Here is a quick video summary of an article I read about 21st Century Literacy. 
   In my classroom student are given multiple ways to complete assignments. My students are expected to critically think at almost every assignment they complete. Having students critically think and reflect on their creations and in their activities both at home and at school is important. Most students utilize think-pair-shares to gather their information as well as group work and collaboration. I also like to use graphic organizers to complete thoughts and gather information as I believe it kills two birds with one stone, first of all it makes the students gather the information they need for the next step. Most of the time my students are expected to complete an essay or a paragraph at the end of a lesson. This is two fold, first of all it creates a buy-in with the lesson as they will have to complete the smaller activities in order to have enough “Ammunition” to achieve the bigger assignment. Secondly it links the assignments with social situations so that my students are able to interact with one another in a less formal environment than having me give straight lectures and not giving them time to process the information in their own time and in their own ways. My students no longer have to rely on rote memory to recall information because they will seek out their peers if they need assistance or they cant remember they will have a physical piece of paper that can prompt their memory. Both of these two things create a social environment that provides a platform for collaboration to occur. 
            Students use of technology in my classroom is limited but useable, for example I only have two computers at the back of my classroom, so if my students are working in groups to complete geography questions for a mapping activity, I allow them to use their i-phones to look up the geographic reagions to give them more of a visualization and a bigger wealth or resources than an atlas can provide, students are also encouraged to sit with other students who do not have i-phones or access to technology resources as those students who do can share with the students who do not. Students also have access to the power points and activities for the classroom on the teacher’s webpage, so if a student misses class or is not understanding a concept they can utilize the PowerPoint presentations to recall that information. The website also provides access to the teacher email so if students do miss class of if they are struggling they can email their teacher and clarification can be given.
            Students in my classroom are give the opportunity to interact with one another by being given group work to compete, as well as think-pair-shares, poster activities, visual aids and graphic organizers. Students are encouraged to fill in as much information as they can on these pieces of instruction as it provides them with the ability to recall information for later use on formal and summative assessments i.e. essays, test, quizzes, AXES paragraphs…etc.

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