Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Journal #5 : Social Bookmarking

This Journal is going to be about Social Book marking. A new kind of delicious website is taking off this web site is called Edutagger. Basically, its more geared towards educators. Delicious offers fantastic resources for teachers but Edutagger offers a bigger screen to catch inappropriate material, as well as allow other users to vote on what is popular, and relevant. One of the problems with delicious is that delicious doesn't catch tags that are inappropriate, only the links that are popular, so when a student or a teacher does a quest on delicious all of the inappropriate sites pop up first. Edutagger offers teachers and students more of a secure platform to search for tags. Check it out:

What I learned about social book marking is that people can use other resources without doing much work. It is a fantastic ideas for teachers. Most teachers these days (and in the past I suspect too) are overburdened with paperwork, testing schedules, special events, student organizations, and so on. Edutagger offers resources for teachers at the click of a button. Both Edutagger and delicious offer teachers and the public quick, safe, and reliable source material for teachers. Because of the demand of our job it is important to have quick ideas for lesson plans, not to mention the student who says "I need help with this, its too much for me to do." or "I don't have time to go to the library to do my research" It is important to rely on other colleagues not just in your school but around the country and around the world. If websites like Edutagger take off there is more creativity in the classroom and more ideas floating in the heads of teachers. Edutagger can also incorporate students into its function because it is safe and reliable. Teachers don’t have to worry about if the students are viewing inappropriate material, because Edutagger screens the material that is allowed in its website.


jamie reeder said...

Hey Anthony you found a really good site. I can imagine this working well in your class. It's great to find ways to keep students excited about what they are learning. This will keep them excited about coming to class, They'll never realize they are learning! Sneaky, sneaky!!!

Justin said...

This type of interaction and detail would be very effective in getting and maintaining student interest. Most of the time history is seen as distant or unrelated to the lives of students and hence they don't have any interest. I know I didn't have any interest in the black and white history of high school and it wasn't until college, where nuance and inconvenient facts are allowed, that I took an interest.